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O racismo e uma doenca curavel. ...

2012-02-23 @ 12:57:24 am
by christine luane mega miranda

uma demonstracao de fe sobrenatural, levando ...

2012-02-23 @ 12:40:17 am
by christine luane mega miranda

jeferson um carinha aew do intervalo ...

2011-03-18 @ 05:24:05 am
by jeferson

This text started with a slang ...

2009-11-21 @ 10:28:39 pm
by christine luane


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26 Sep 2017 


And so the  adjacent part of the fig tree covered the neighboors, when pointing greatly trough the childreen manifestation that the neighboors didn´t have that part of the property, the diseases and accostomed performances of the childreen , had to be performed at the sign of being gay.They threw the towels and imagined being blessed continuing to be tough against the words of that appeared just like  and so, it came about that the brenches stormed on the houses during the raining season, andh that montionless cigarrettes burned like demons in the park, belonging to none than their parents, and that it was to juvenile, the master of success as creativity appear in such a simple home. And with coordenator of the brakethrough concert ,the evening was trying to provide grass being the delirious continuation of the stagered ambitious to be usurpers banked trough the night in such manners, the day break,when all the vintage wines were gone and the seldom prey came for dinner it was the spetacular moment of the spirit. As being for the court to be enchanted grasshoppers tried to brake the suppervised enviness of the people until one day they woke up and saw the dog spirit brake through the wilderness and crying for help gathered all those things necessary for the trip . Like candy bars, nectars almonds sugars and such. All because th sisters came and used the most singular words they were for there was for to be used the poor judjement about  manger du poisson, fighting continued to break through the evening, him and her, used to be mortals but  now they were this  desolate image of immaculate and not a little bored saint images,and so the rain amid the oceans blew a breeze into the room,such that,still and vagabond that the motives for the fights embraced a new horizon the crowded room. soon after it was born it made de cows see the new light for themselves and have some remaining milk for all of us,suckin in it proper milk from baby mother . In time consequentely it continued to locate the others in such a difficult circumsition that made the chef sing poeticaly a new and imaginative song informing us of breakfast.
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20 Sep 2017 


O  arco e flecha, todo confronto entre pessoas que não parecem estar lá. Onde a cavalaria foi? Longe se esconde para nunca mais voltar, e os animaizinhos,  ajudam nos a rezar e suas formas avisar que do seu lado a paz vai reinar.

John Constable (British, 1776 - 1837)

John Constable


Joseph Mallord William Turner (British, 1775 - 1851)

Joseph Mallord William Turner


Gustave Courbet (French, 1819 - 1877)

Gustave Courbet


Frederic Remington (American, 1861 - 1909)

Frederic Remington


Eugène Louis Boudin (French, 1824 - 1898)

Eugène Louis Boudin


Albert Bierstadt (American, 1830 - 1902)

Albert Bierstadt


Max Liebermann (German, 1847 - 1935)

Max Liebermann


Albert Anker (Swiss, 1831 - 1910)

Albert Anker


Martin Johnson Heade (American, 1819 - 1904)

Martin Johnson Heade


Ivan Aivazovsky (Russian, 1817 - 1900)

Ivan Aivazovsky


Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida (Spanish, 1863 - 1923)

Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida


Jean Béraud (French, 1849 - 1935)

Jean Béraud


Lord Frederic Leighton (British, 1830 - 1896)

Lord Frederic Leighton


Sir Joshua Reynolds (British, 1723 - 1792)

Sir Joshua Reynolds


John Atkinson Grimshaw (British, 1836 - 1893)

John Atkinson Grimshaw


William Adolphe Bouguereau (French, 1825 - 1905)

William Adolphe Bouguereau


Vilhelm Hammershøi (Danish, 1864 - 1916)

Vilhelm Hammershøi


Richard Parkes Bonington (British, 1801 - 1828)

Richard Parkes Bonington


Dante Gabriel Rossetti (British, 1828 - 1882)

Dante Gabriel Rossetti


Francisco de Goya (Spanish, 1746 - 1828)

Francisco de Goya


Montague Dawson (British, 1895 - 1973)

Montague Dawson


Eugene von Guerard (Austrian, 1811 - 1901)

Eugene von Guerard


Johann Moritz Rugendas (German, 1802 - 1858)

Johann Moritz Rugendas


Winslow Homer (American, 1836 - 1910)

Winslow Homer


George Stubbs (British, 1724 - 1806)

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15 Aug 2017 

A entrada

Sem razao chorar, me faz pior do que antes quando chorava, estando amando de paixao um homem com quem tive  e tenho uma vida. Assim ficou pintada uma realidade que não podia adivinhar.Ele virou me, decifrou me, me mordeu  e me deixou sozinha... para acender a chama agora que é so minha. Por favor deixe as mazelas pra depois que eu quero dormir agora! Não fujas de mim meu sonho doce da estaçao amor,e não corra para onde não posso ve-lo. Qualquer coisa que se encaixe em um sonho desenrolando-me, quando quizer alguem mesmo que apaixonada, curtir as férias assim deitado na rede olhando alguem passar lá fora com medo e fé ao mesmo tempo sobrando apenas o inesperado de mim,coraçao ambientado, e voçe verde, voce cai no chao como caiu do céu acordando e mesmo assim não esta ele ao ter voçê. O médico que voçe tem pavor, causa entre os lugares que vamos, mesmo não indo a lugar algum . Causa muito medo, muita aflicao, a verde etapa da vida cai em contradiçao mesmo, sem que se viva até a oitava de final.Esse campionato da vida, mesmo que se encaixe um pedaço do o seu coração,lado a lado vai deixar de olhar a ver com qual lugar a vida te pertence, as diferentes formas de como você mudou a minha, e a sua vida,nunca serei como antes. Acontece que se fosse um armazem do povo que contem um lar uma casa a beira mar um hotel de luxo pontiagudo serviço de limpeza, amar me pelo seu olhar o que e fariamos amanhã, por conta disso, a bem lembrar de sua dor, de uma despedida, sempre sera a tua ausencia que cuidará de voçê, mesmo  quando se for, diga adeus baixinho, e diga que esse ou aquele, não vale a pena, mas fale devagar mansinho e correrei de ti ,como corro pro nada para meu ser.Historia da sua vida contudo á de saber que voce viu isso em mim e me deixar morrer por isso é incompreensivel. 
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15 Aug 2017 


The dark ocean weated my fingertips, almost as happy with the lips , lives we lived through all this, Oh,waves the sea ... the life there will appear,what  I found tonight, there the lights of the sky the beuty of your hips. Alone in face of the stretches of our body,veining the concordance of us, and the rain falls again, on my lap where you are the only one I adore, from the begining to start wher us and the weather are one, then the moon appeared at last, and me as the portion of the Universe, lakes are green trees are white colored flowers, forming  the ficture of your smile. 

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15 Aug 2017 


Between the pen and paper. lay a girl full of imagination that was so attached to television that her own being became both happy in her interior but the poor girl suffered outside of emotions,  by her family or social relashionships.She had been living like this for years, her disease became gradually worse as she found a way to  overcome it. For this many times her platonic lovers as well as her friends she found in the community made her think about her trouble, after nine months of dating she was fine, a matter of giving and receiving space . Many times addicted she saw help everywhere but now her heart was cold as ever as to define her relashionship. Call her christine with an h which implies all the remaining of her thrilling pain I am sorry for all grammatical errors like this one but for all that time thinking about myself it was imperative that she called the Gods of grammar and , will they give her a brake? Or shall we both continue to the road of squeazing? God may be my witness but after all is it was fun fiction is fun creativity as well science not to mention and spirituality, well as for spirituality people may have it bigger than i do as justin bieber says never say never or might i i paraprase a dear or so many dear people in my own world the list is endless and once again xoxo christine
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