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O racismo e uma doenca curavel. ...

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uma demonstracao de fe sobrenatural, levando ...

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by christine luane mega miranda

jeferson um carinha aew do intervalo ...

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This text started with a slang ...

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by christine luane


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15 Aug 2017 

a entrada

The space provided with continuous fights until the end of the evening that lasted for a hundred years, the couple had three childreen whom always looked bright with affectioned passion and so the spirit grew fostering everything they took from the apartment, every thing being jewels collar bones sholder blades everything from necklesses and bussoms shone the evening more than they had ever imagined and so the  adjacent part of the fig tree covered the neighboors, when pointing greatly trough the childreen manifestation that the neighboors didn´t have that part of the property, the diseases and accostomed performances of the childreen , had to be performed at the sign of being gay.They threw the towels and imagined being blessed continuing to be tough against the words of that appeared just like  and so, it came about that the brenches stormed on the houses during the raining season, andh that montionless cigarrettes burned like demons in the park, belonging to none than their parents, and that it was to juvenile, the master of success as creativity appear in such a simple home. And with coordenator of the brakethrough concert ,the evening was trying to provide grass being the delirious continuation of the stagered ambitious to be usurpers banked trough the night in such manners, the day break,when all the vintage wines were gone and the seldom prey came for dinner it was the spetacular moment of the spirit. As being for the court to be enchanted grasshoppers tried to brake the suppervised enviness of the people until one day they woke up and saw the dog spirit brake through the wilderness and crying for help gathered all those things necessary for the trip . Like candy bars, nectars almonds sugars and such. All because th sisters came and used the most singular words they were for there was for to be used the poor judjement about  manger du poisson, fighting continued to break through the evening, him and her, used to be mortals but  now they were this  desolate image of immaculate and not a little bored saint images,and so the rain amid the oceans blew a breeze into the room,such that,still and vagabond that the motives for the fights embraced a new horizon the crowded room. soon after it was born it made de cows see the new light for themselves and have some remaining milk for all of us,suckin in it proper milk from baby mother . In time consequentely it continued to locate the others in such a difficult circumsition that made the chef sing poeticaly a new and imaginative song informing us of breakfast.
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15 Aug 2017 

a saida

Enquanto eles esperavam na escada do monumento era como se o chao aderisse a cidade e as escadas grudassem em suas nadegas, ora olhando para o céu ora olhando para o chao, estrelado, como nas vesperas de feriado, do dia mais feliz da sua vida, o dia mais comum que o encontrei sentado perto da arena. Todas aquelas cadeiras vazias. Fazendo como se não estivessem olhando para mim, e então a lata de lixo reciclável. Pensei em me aproximar, mas era tarde demais. Nossa relação tinha acabado, e jamais traìra meu marido, mesmos que as consequências fossem essas, meu querido jamais teria me perdoado. Como uma arena toda ocupada, poderia constranger meus próprios sentimentos, e mais nada seria como antes, um risco que não queria correr. Esse tempo todo, então sai as pressas como esquecendo-lhe pelas entradas da arena. E tendo-as senti que um dia lhe encontraria em um desses vãos de entrada. E meu vício por ele se estendeu até hoje. Apesar de tantas dúvidas, ajudei-me por elas e consegui encontrar pelas portas abertas mais um motivo para fechar minhas próprias successibilidades e assim como milhas de tempo, gozava, meu destino fazendo o que sempre fiz, cantaria até o final dos tempos nada menos que acompanhada por uma pessoa que gostava e que me tratava como americana. A sorte traria com ajuda do tempo, muitas responsabilidades, e com isso fui até lá, aonde ao meu lado esqueceria tudo que não podia esquecer, nada é perfeito.
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15 Aug 2017 

a saida

jaded by the images that crossed his mind and buffered with doses of morphine jack laid his body in the bed dreaming of a nice sleep but none of this happened when he woke up it was still friday and and the sheets covered in sweat. He could barely stand up so he rolled and knelt on the floor and found a paper towel which he used to wipe his shaved legs. He gave in to some sort of disease that the doctors wouldn´t discover the conditions. Or at least were the thoughts of this young man of thirties. As soon as help came he thought it would be easy but he was getting worse spitting blood in a container. As soon as possible the thoughts rolled his mind he would take another dose of whiskey and die just the way he wanted since in this thought he was going to the cemetery anyway. So in order to avoid more terror at the hospital he prefered dying alone in his house, he genlty poured the can into his cup and threw the rest away to the gods. He wouldn´t have another reincarnation, or it would be so difficult that his depression as he thought they would see each other and come forth with his mirror as he combed his head slowly. 

as he steped down the stairs of his apartment in fifth crossed the street and and saw a man in a wheal chair trying to run as fast as he could to get to the other side. and jack thought - how am i trying to kill myself now that so many people in and in this case better than him but then his childhood or boyhhood crossed his mind and he couldn´t neglect it for nothing in this world. so much i  am creeping like a vagabond.
jack had his masters in economy at berkely and went in to the solo carrear in doing nothing for the rest of his life. It had been five years of woe and sadness, no rings on his phone no messages to all the neighborhood he was a weardo. but he didn´t want to get in to more detail  since it felt even worse every stingy snap that came in his neurons. He thought i better die or else live, of couse jack thought dying was a yes yes. He moved his hair a little to the frontal bone of his skull and knocked his head with his fingers a little bit longer than usual and went back to the apartament where he feel asleep and passed away the saddest day of the year ked for a whjaded of his reincarnation Jack was born in an infermary full of baby boys cryinng, he had a brain of thirty four, and was strong as lion and pale as a cadaver. When his mother took him in her arms jack didn´t want her breast. He grabbed the baby bottle given by the infermary and so due speak took their family home to god knows where in cincinaty. He never cried. His mother took him to several doctors and not one revealed his problem. Until his aunt appeared in the house for a visit and it came about that he would be baptized. The words sounded refreshing and warm just before the day jack had a dream that he was falling of the creeb. he grabbed his toy and sucked the teets of the bear. And fell asleep again. He woke up surrounded by the people in all directions The father blessings that strange evening yes it was an evening and he wore blue and while the priest looite spot to touch not grabed his underwear and gave his blessing.Jack was found by chance dead in his apartment and left fortune in his creeb, but it was all but a dream and he woke up drunk with a jar of peanut butter on his hand and his teacher knocking on his door.    Jack por um acaso encontrado morto em seu apartamento jack deixou fortuna em seu berço, mas tudo nao passava de um sonho ruim, jack acordou bebado com uma lata de amendocrem em sua mao e sua professora batendo na porta. 

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15 Aug 2017 

a saida

Every attack, another retaliation. Westners don´t seem to breed guns anymore. They even achieve this through concessions. And by the way there is no limit trying to win the war on terrorism. I coul´d go on talking about terror, by I ´d rather put it in to alternatives. A-Put them into theatre.B-Put them through community service.C- try to collonize the land.D- Search into Bollywood. E- Put peace into the reagion.

Since Ebola broke, even Aids, now Malaria, not to say the communiting persona.Not much different  from the list of Shindler. Or we could pray, pray for a certain isotope to cure homofobia and become dependent of a new medicine that looks much like a heart of hate. This is about dreams, this is about fun, this is about arrest, this is about death. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Have we got for ourselves and for others. That´s the difference. We talk about communism. Mercy. Mickey mouse got your cheese Medicine got some leverage. Some of the facts are there. There is no way to continue helping ourselves without reaching up to a friend to understand thee motive or word to bring upon understanting about so it could explain wheather to free up or to condem. FOLLOW
John Atkinson Grimshaw (British, 1836 - 1893)
John Atkinson Grimshaw
William Adolphe Bouguereau (French, 1825 - 1905)
William Adolphe Bouguereau
Vilhelm Hammershøi (Danish, 1864 - 1916)
Vilhelm Hammershøi
Richard Parkes Bonington (British, 1801 - 1828)
Richard Parkes Bonington
Dante Gabriel Rossetti (British, 1828 - 1882)

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12 Aug 2017 


Surprisinly, this afternon ,she had a comment about the night she had spent alone many years ago. Withing many of some of the things, were the same, the wine, the big lounge...and day dreamming.

It had been a long and tirering evening, some what like the losing picture of lost images. Upon which when she returned to that sadnees. With filled spirits. She had certainly had to have come to me. I was a difficult content you know, but in sense it had to be. I would not think of things just before our sessions. But with time I had to. I just had to prepare my own content, come what may.Well, when she climbed the stairs, and the big office on the beach opened there would be a gap of fifteen minutes. It was what I had. Fifteen full minutes of conversation. And it started filling in. I just had to fill the breathing,conversation, and jot down some art. She would be stepping down in twenty. I hadn´t be going for this. I should have started my own business. This office and tending some problematic women, seemed to much of overdo in my part. And would start calculating about when I would start thinking about her comments, like, processing. Some times it took months before, I myself processed everything on my own life, when just having her, and began to understand to stark speaking out. 

Just like herself, when talking to me afternoons, and the reasons why are those so special? Something had to be special in her life, she had to get rid of the expectation, start to really live it, that would really work. So as crafting a song I put some of the inventions that one is to do. Every one does something. Has a talent, a profession, a powerfull gift, a mission, or maybe an idea. But everyone had failed sometimes. So the evenings about her had to seem magical to me. At least to try to tend her in my office, try to do it a routine. Like every step she took. That wasn´t always that easy on her, so on me. One had to imagine, something more than talking to raise something new. If we had been intellingent enough, a cognitive research, about her would had been enough, but we hadn´t that resourse. I could ask her to watch a movie with me, try some of the technics I had to offer her as in newspaper articles, and such. But I had happened that I had already learned everything there was to learn about this lady. So as much as I tried, she had to be comming back the next week. I didn´t know really if that was my fault. In the end I liked the way it was, but time had to seem more open to reach other things. And that came naturally with words, places and things, was the only way I could fill my bag. With time there was no other stimulus I could find to continue doing my job. And I wish I would have some more time to think about treating myself. In fact I had accumulated a lot, just a lot of thoughts that I didn´t need. Something like five hundred words encoded in my vocabulary. I had worked so much to have financial comfort, and few were the arts I had accumullated or even lost it about treatment. And after all, truth ,and my tireless effort was not, recognized by any, my friends now were beginning to tell me different things,much else, that only telling this next week, had completed the thinking I had of them and that really after ten minutes, ten successfull minutes, I might be a kid again. And again, and again.  
Sir Joshua Reynolds (British, 1723 - 1792)
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