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O racismo e uma doenca curavel. ...

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uma demonstracao de fe sobrenatural, levando ...

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jeferson um carinha aew do intervalo ...

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This text started with a slang ...

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18 Dec 2015 

the rose


Hi. What if
I could still pretty  be the nostalgic
beautiful fox in the city. Turn this night into a shitzofrenically one , just
like so. If I could pay the bills schitszofrenically  just like the bad behavior artist was. If  I could be Christiane paying the bills or somedody calling out my name. And this
New Year transforming the Eve into Cristmas 
acknologing the old Dr. Beeing the institution, Jesus wants you. And if
so breaking two eggs instead of you know being too intelligent to sleep at Sheraton. And valying vocabulary, or either
believing in marriage. Forget abut who writes psicanalisis problem praying
instead of making things work. That was not my intention. Hi. I am a writer, and
what I say even if its opposed to what I not trully believe, it would be on
error, however conscious that I stll need to make a buck. My own buck. It used
to be nice when when we talked about the weather changing and not meaning a
thing being just who you need to be, what if. If a bowas bobood  and one could care for him instad of being
the somebody taking it the rough way. My teacher used to say Get the best, move towns. But it was me.  
But be logistic, a dream deffered doesnīt happen  as cats lives.

If I
had the education, so good for me the answer had on education,
so good for me. Iīm turning the page
shythings. Any thing of  all like who
believe in shy things. Anything  of all
likewho believesin anything. Anything at all like for example existing oceans

            This attitude reminded me of you and
now it has always been about you and the y, the basic action about takng somebody over and I still odnīt understand,
How much is the dollar? So if Mercy had died a hundred years ago would we still
gave questions? The boss is the is the book store edition on Christmas, just
turning a dime here on your horribe addition last year. We wore still knowledge
. So I think this is it . Caramba there were space and Captain America to
handle the five. A step up a liquifier, possesion of the chef with orders
pritstine and clearance. I guess Christmas is there and we have a lot to talk
anout, like how this Christimas good ye would be more intensily  prestigious. If instead of the holiday one
would understant dust. Considering the front view of the Universe.One would be
much servere to find the value of eternity on the value log of society. And
then there is me, the soul  accostumed to
ust live on the looks full.

The warmeth
of your lips so salty and so fired that it mus be your spirit on a petal of your
hidden softly into the masons filled the same way meness a bobooed heart could
withstand. The new fashin, carnaval. Make it yours the same thing  I madde mine. Carriying the gifts and hiding
my feet anew . The hope of fate that would make me believe for now of our
continuation, either old or new, fashinatedly I does we are going to believe
still I hope, not all opprtunities of making 
pristine  hoopfulls be in the
first place. I am till to be pretty but still single on the same sight of
winter lakes draping , here captive from God to make a buck. I need to be rich.
People like rich people. In the end. Even if they say  some the threat there was a historian who
could describe the depicuted importances of the water in the Gauls, even if the
say some transgresors  and so on. After
all the wage and all the threat there was no historian who could descrive the
depicuted imprtances of the water in the Gauls, wven if he knew But the solace
impowered by peole who really know the questins of existin live and its needs
throuwned agast and then then there was nothing needs thowened agast and then
there was nothing nees throened agast and then there was nothing . Mr Citizen,
do you wake up in front or on the back of your body And as if insinsting on
this matter grew longevedment as if to make end time.


My boss
always believed we have to give in 
orther to receive. I believe that eve if we receive laughs , they got to
go unchecked and balanced like Prometeus. So even if I say I fought the battle
of Af go nislan,my reading never gave me and two of my friends. Sut on the
Christmas is true We all knew that we were going to be spending Christmas at
home and also New Years of extended 
knowleage came with  if and if was
not for health insurance. Shoots had been fired 
in the ciy. Berlin, Cuba US and Taiwan connected the nerve impuse that
aditionaly devastaded the interior not of the landscape but owr own so much
carefull as of the spit the truth. And 
as more important  than my doctor,
we go  cought in the infinite doubt
wheather roads were gonna fill the rocks. It was a long time also since I wasted
the pointers and the endind was in a term the facility in which I was spending
the short long term, my brain. It was funny how time tackle my looks but on the
other hand gone back my intelligence. I gave may friends and used ot have some retaliation
as if they were gonna betrain me in a shy way so ye mothers  story 
told. We know we haved house, food and sheets. But they were worthless .
Also we had medications but  that in my
doctors pont of view was one of the reasons whether I had put a good face either
in the dreaming tree or looks  themselves.
I am not going to sleep so not do take advantage of the night but as
nostalgeous ones my home, the primitive land and thought ignorance would ever
shine again this weekend a so I could find a boyfriend address the situation on
if even  if he were the Saturday night
slow host eh which he would steal me from the dream of seeing the true love  on  the

Since my
writtings has changed through a  much
altered state of mind. I will rest here of some unending pursuit that I still
havennīt  thought of .

Even one beloves
another person he still seeks spiritualy thus like every part of his body
created some painfully condission in which the same painfully condission in
which the some painfully condission in which 
the rest would not take part in the kindness of normal life such as emotionaly

The wizrd
watched it rain the fellows watched the calibe of th guns. He was jealous . He had
been deeing love pouring out and no ordinary chapter. Hello how is it been he
said she said this is an old movie, another to catch of the video store, lumber
, money for the gas and ultivately happiness . Many of those who believed he
was going do me gastening some unhidden 
secred. Flow in the garden. Bold Lover who one these comming to the sacrifice  And not a soul to tell who cansīt flow
hiss.  Though not winning near the goal
stiffen no more.  Unless protruding your body up into the world and saying sacrifice was worthed.     No indiference traited back to the unterior. And so competing on the clouds inadvertedly so and just like so.  

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