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Na toalete

2016-05-21 @ 05:42:11 am
by christine

O racismo e uma doenca curavel. ...

2012-02-23 @ 12:57:24 am
by christine luane mega miranda

uma demonstracao de fe sobrenatural, levando ...

2012-02-23 @ 12:40:17 am
by christine luane mega miranda

jeferson um carinha aew do intervalo ...

2011-03-18 @ 05:24:05 am
by jeferson

This text started with a slang ...

2009-11-21 @ 10:28:39 pm
by christine luane


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03 Dec 2015 

the push

Ony in the farewall of dreams had Silvana reach her top. Afterwards the painty little kids kitchen was as to say the other forwarding scene for the final decision either to choose one or another. It was such a feeling that had agora financed her pursuits. But the goal smuched to forther. Each ne san shi figure out who ate the suchi. 
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03 Dec 2015 


Inflamationh, dear can you get out yet. Dear itīs early in the morning. Donīt forget to pass by the macicurist so she can drink your blood so you could become the strongest bat of all. Certainly Cerda my eyes are she making me mock out of the camp. By that time we would all be undertaken. And you so let the dawn so feeling the early hours.Isnīt that our dream, take hummanity by the wrist?

I wouldnīt say it so.Where is your sister? Behond communication. Thatīs not wacky at all. All night bed time.. You definetely make me proud to be an American. Now you are talking lide a Vampire. Our journey to the principal. They gave she only path to North Pole Just in time to randsom Noel and his uhhh! She had taken it in that mirror again . It was definetely prohibited too.So on and such, Can we talk about blood. never it will never be a point of all since we promissed the Priest this woulīd be a gratified relashionship. Oh about wills , serve him well, those nutts will end up killing us round the corner. We prepared the guys . according to my studies no one will enter the holes key, or .. key hole or ups or role. an  Ha thaīs real funny.Oh, broken baby, love ball, we won ourselves over. We are creating the circle. The finest for wood since a long time, since you were lost in the huge camp. Certainly  it woulnīt be until someone when the sum sinks how and wave laying low on the beach tututu
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03 Dec 2015 

the maca

The bulky road of gains and profits twice necessary for the circle invitation. Dr Willis had been carrying a space of shareness feeling. It was not according to what he knew except for getting each inch by the painting. How could he find it necessary to call for a stranger. Just to verify Willis true feeling of absolviness. Thus creating some Quantum Physics in order to step back and figure out what could be changed  in as far as the fortress. 
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03 Dec 2015 

taking in

Itīs not really about love, people that love you where one is gonna reach the ideal. Not really about as fast as one treats each other. Nor that love is a drug. The only drug one can take is to believe Other than that one would be carriyng a garbage dump container. If I were to throw it all the 10 killos of pity and reaction. I am sorry. This weight has been lifted nor with love but loving. In all seriousness how much coulīd a single human being take?.It is the telephone, the pianno, and the tears. One  
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