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October 2017
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09 Oct 2017 

Going back to school

When somebody tells you something, and you don´t like it. What´s this a sign of? One, you are stressed. Two you aren´t well. Well, when you went to school on you tube in 2018, and 2017, you learned that you had to have a schedulle for class. This same schedulle, Monday Wednesday, Friday. Did you believe that was real?  Well. I did. Not only to watch the videos, but to organize myself in the town, to know when I would be watching class, since I wasn´t paying for it. Going through many noes for a job, it was time to go on and read much. This was 2018, when the war on books began. We´ve watched so many people entering book stores and getting books. So when I found out that the books I read were a weapon, I decided to get rid of them, by actually reading them. But I got desmotivated and even the plans I had going back to school seemed to fail completely.At this time I had already giving up incriptions for school. And was on my own. With my eyes only. Until my health problems progressed I invented a cure for them, well that´s great, but where are we going? Oh, the schedulle, it made me happier so far it brought me some self sufficient understanding. But what I have to talk about is besides the sting and the fret, the prey for education. One may observe that when somebody is in a library is usual to get preyed by somebody else, talking thus all or partial idea of reading. Those preys, the more one has, the more cofused and uneasy they become. Now that one wants to read a book that will not only help him they have to go fishing with no preys.       
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02 Oct 2017 

Health decisions

Not many people believe they follow a good diet. Yet this concern belong not only to the individual but the health public policies. This is a concern of people who have only one intent. To be healthy. There are many ways a person can have their health care cases solved. One must be concerned to aa minimal or a near extent. Cases such as propensity of diabetes, high colesterol and monetary issues are related in this article.But because of te fact that issues like these are lost along ones trail, he problem remains the same. To understand ones health  issues and to the more critica issues of food intake there are some foods that miss the consumer. The desirable food. Foods that are not acceptable to consumers criate a problem to health providers htat is the food that is not being found in peoples homes. Than this kind of delivery weighs on to professional grup and the problem remains. To minimize the problem of nutrition is not assertive. Scientists should not be concerned about this issue. Doctors should not be concerned about  thir pations so much because this also concerns government policies such as food and drug administration records and accessability fo consumers who have their own responsability in gettin the products  they need and this surviving in their resourses along their life.
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02 Oct 2017 

action potential

Sabe-se que mesmo em um perigo, situaçôes podem diminuir o seu risco. Numa situaçâo de risco, alguns hormonios agem de forma errada. Fazendo com que as atividades acelerem. Quanto mais perigosa a situaçâo mais sâo os riscos. Então, é bom arriscar? Meras consequências, sim é bom arriscar, mas a´tequando? Podemos parar e nâo fazer nada? Também é arriscado. Então para que correr riscos? Por que precisamos de um objetivo para perseguir, um ideal tão precioso, é possivel negá-lo? Si é possivel. Então corremos riscos? Vale apena envelhecer e esquecer de tudo e de todos? Pois a nossa fé é muda? As vezes acho que sim. Não podemos correr riscos na vida espiritual. Temos que acertar.Por isso é precio ver o inesperável nosso e com Deus, termos fé, para que não percamos nosso lugar, sentimos que alfo especial como situaçôes em que temos lembranças novas nos impeçam de cominhar com Deus. Então se fossemos livres poderemos ir a qualquer caminho usando apenas lembranças que favoreçam nos, em sua fé. A fé de Christo. Nessa situação o que  esperar? Teremos que fazer perguntas até o fim descobrindo em Kant pensamentos de livre arbítrio contra tais fatores que  nos aborrecem impedindo de contruir uma vida. 
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